Personalized Medicine: Histone biomarkers with PrognosDX

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Kamran Tahamtanzadeh, CEO, PrognosDX, Bio and Contact Info

Macro environment very important Listen (8:13) Macro environment very important

<img src="/images/speaker.jpg" alt="Not just about a few markers/> Listen (2:27) Not just about a few markers

What does the service tell a doctor? Listen (5:25) What does the service tell a doctor?

Histones studied only recently? Listen (7:56) Histones studied only recently?

From scientist to businessman Listen (3:25) From scientist to businessman

Poet and painter Listen (2:03) Poet and painter

Histone like a soccer ball Listen (3:44) Histone like a soccer ball

Today we bring you the story of a company which is moving us closer to the promise of personalized medicine. Joining me is Kamran Tahamtanzadeh. He’s the founder and CEO of PrognosDX, a new company in Palo Alto, CA aiming to improve the treatment of cancer through epigenetic technology, specifically with histone biomarkers. Kamran was formerly with Ventana Medical Systems (now Roche) and MetriGenix.