Human Theome Project

Human Theome Project sets sights on 2012

Joe and Mary Juke are models of piety. They attend services twice a week, are active in faith-based charity organizations, and their house brims tastefully with Christian iconography and literature. They describe themselves as “fundamentalists,” although Joe is quick to emphasize, “We’re moderate fundamentalists—we don’t bomb clinics or anything.” They are planning to have a family, and they are making sure to create a pious environment for their children. They know that the setting in which a child is raised helps determine the kind of adult he or she becomes.

Eventful Days of April

April Fools Day

There were some big discoveries in the life sciences on April Fools Day (did you hear about a 24th chromosome being found?). So many, in fact, that we were busy all day doing research. After coming across the following announcement of "The Theome Project" around mid-afternoon, we just decided to head out for a drink and call it a day. We so enjoyed this post over at Genotopia, we’ve invited blogger Nathaniel Comfort to join us here at