India's Rising Star in Bio-IT: Prahalad Achutharao

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Prahalad Achutharao, CEO Geschickten Biosciences Bio and Contact Info

Listen (4:51) How is the genomics revolution progressing in India?

Listen (2:51) Geschickten providing knowledge of knowledge

Listen (4:15) First to talk about cloud computing for life sciences

Listen (7:34) Leveraging big data experience outside of biology

Listen (4:01) IT has given India a great push as a nation

Listen (1:04) What should Americans know about India and the future?

Recently awarded the 2012 Indian Leadership Award for Industrial Development, Prahalad Achutharao is one of India's rising stars in IT. Particularly in bio-IT. The first to talk about cloud computing in the life sciences, Prahalad and his colleagues at Geschickten are leveraging deep experience handling big data for bioinformatics. We talk to Prahalad about what Geschickten brings to the table in NGS data storage, analysis and interpretation and also about the progress of the genomics revolution in India.