Editor of Bio-IT World Shares Overview of Bioinformatics in 2013

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Kevin Davies , Editor-in-Chief, Bio-IT World Bio and Contact Info

Listen (3:41) What must we all know about bioinformatics?

Listen (12:30) The explosive genome interpretation space

Listen (3:27) What will success in this space look like?

Listen (3:38) The Clinical Genome Conference expanding

Listen (6:18) What does it mean that CHI bought out the Genetic Conference?

Kevin Davies is the founding editor and current Editor-in-Chief of Bio-IT World. Reporting regularly on all things bioinformatics, he joins us to share his thoughts on the field. This last year has seen a flowering of new companies offering genome interpretation and reporting, a space Davis says is "the most interesting to me personally." But what will success for these early entrants look like?

DTC genomics has changed drastically since Davies covered the field in his 2010 book, The $1,000 Genome. Is the world of DTC genomics over? And what does it mean that CHI, conference producer and owner of Bio-IT World, bought out the Consumer Genetics Conference last year?

PR Tips for Scientists: Erik Clausen, Chempetitive Group

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Erik Clausen, Managing Partner and Vice President of Public Relations, Chempetitive Group Bio and Contact Info

Each week we produce several interviews with folks from around the life science industry. But how do these guests prepare for these interviews? Today we put ourselves in the shoes of our guests with the first installment in a series on the subject of PR for scientists.

Our guest is Erik Clausen, a managing partner and VP of Public Relations at Chempetitive Group, a company devoted to life science marketing and PR. In his bio, Erik characterizes himself as "a professional storyteller, who dabbled in public affairs before realizing there are better stories to be told in life science PR than in politics." Having spent twenty years in PR, Erik shares some tips and stories for you scientists out there who want to get your message out.

Going Behind the Headlines with Luke Timmerman, National Biotech Editor, Xconomy

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Luke Timmerman, Biotech Journalist Bio and Contact Info

Listen (4:41) Xconomy - covering the innovation community

Listen (5:58) Biotech, a calling

Listen (4:59) What makes a good story?

Listen (7:26) At your best, a reporter can do what for the industry?

Listen (1:59) A green guy

What makes a good story? What difference can a good reporter make in the industry? These are some of the questions we pursued in a chat with Luke Timmerman, National Biotech Editor at Xconomy. Luke was a finalist this year for the Gerald Loeb Award, what he says is the Oscar for business reporting. It's a great achievement for Luke and for Xconomy, which has been covering the "innovation" community for five years now. Luke is known for his up-to-date reports on everything biotech and his Monday BioBeat column where he pursues tough questions for the industry. Timmerman is always telling others' stories. Today's interview turns the table and provides a rare glimpse into his own story.

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Nathaniel is an associate professor at Johns Hopkins University where he teaches and writes on the history of biology. Comfort is currently writing a book, The Science of Human Perfection, a history of American medical genetics. Of the project, Comfort says,

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