Former Biogen Chemist Goes Rogue on Malaria, Other Tropical Diseases

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Marco A. Biamonte, CEO, Drug Discovery for Tropical Diseases Bio and Contact Info

Every once in a while a story comes along that sounds too good to be true. You do a double take and ask, did I hear that right? Marco Biamonte is from the French speaking area of Switzerland. In his early 20’s he traveled around the world, particularly the third world, as many youngsters do. There he encountered poverty and disease which startled him. And which he has never forgotten. Twenty years later, after a career as a chemist at Biogen Idec, Biamonte is returning to the compassion he found in his youth that came as a result of exposure to those less fortunate. Now, after years in the pharma industry, he feels empowered and equipped to do something to relieve the suffering of so many.

Marco is the founder of Drug Discovery for Tropical Diseases, a non profit based in San Diego that is striking out against diseases associated with poverty. And their first project is to develop a better medication for malaria. What about the work of the Gates Foundation in this area, or other non profits, I ask Biamonte, and where did he find the confidence to strike out on his own in such an undertaking? How is the organization funded, and how will the enterprise fare in a profit driven industry? Listen to the answers in Marco's own words.