Behind the Sequencing Bench with Dale Yuzuki

Will tech companies like Google and Apple be good at life science applications? We pursue this question today with Dale Yuzuki, the avid life science blogger, scientist, and now a marketing manager at Thermo Fisher. (See his recent blog, The Core Competency of Google Is Not Life Sciences.)

In addition to his personal blog, Dale is developing a blog for Thermo called 'Behind the Bench' where among other topics, he tracks the latest in sequencing. We ask Dale what happened to the Ion Proton, whether the recent trend toward long reads makes the Proton vulnerable, and just how his customers go about deciding which sequencer to buy. Adept on both sides of the bench, Dale is comfortable on both sides of the interview table as well.

Life Science PR in the Age of Social Media with Erik Clausen, Chempetitive


Erik Clausen, Managing Partner and Vice President of Public Relations, Chempetitive Group Bio and Contact Info

Listen (6:29) PR basics still the same

Listen (6:11) Successful blogging

Listen (5:17) Personal vs. company Twitter handles

Erik Clausen has been in PR for twenty years. He's now a managing partner for Chempetitive Group, a life science PR and marketing firm. What has changed for PR professionals in today's world of Twitter, Facebook, and company blogs? What makes a company's blog successful? Are the rules of PR changing? Erik give his tips in our second show on the topic of life science PR.

Listen to the first interview with Erik on PR Tips for Scientists

PR Tips for Scientists: Erik Clausen, Chempetitive Group

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Erik Clausen, Managing Partner and Vice President of Public Relations, Chempetitive Group Bio and Contact Info

Each week we produce several interviews with folks from around the life science industry. But how do these guests prepare for these interviews? Today we put ourselves in the shoes of our guests with the first installment in a series on the subject of PR for scientists.

Our guest is Erik Clausen, a managing partner and VP of Public Relations at Chempetitive Group, a company devoted to life science marketing and PR. In his bio, Erik characterizes himself as "a professional storyteller, who dabbled in public affairs before realizing there are better stories to be told in life science PR than in politics." Having spent twenty years in PR, Erik shares some tips and stories for you scientists out there who want to get your message out.

Improving Your Brand: Gaetan Fraikin, Audacity

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Gaetan Fraikin, CEO, Audacity
Bio and Contact Info

Chapters (advance the marker)

0:42 With more competition, branding helps differentiate life science companies

5:17 How do you get to first or second market position?

9:54 Secrets of brand 'Illumina'

12:30 Steps to improving your brand

17:16 As the industry goes toward consumer market, should their brands change?

The life science industry has grown up quickly around new science and innovative technologies. Breakthrough products command high dollars and propel companies to market dominance. So how important is branding to a life science company's overall marketing strategy? Do their scientific customers really care about the color of a website or style of a logo when the company delivers data and quality? Gaetan Fraikin, CEO of Audacity, says yes. As the life science market becomes more and more competitive, branding can be key to differentiation. Being number one or two in a market makes all the difference, says Fraikin in today's interview.

So how should a company go about improving their brand? When should they first think about it? Fraikin points to Illumina, whom he calls the "Apple" of their space, as an example of good branding. Find out what led to Illumina's brand success and how you might improve your market position through branding in today's show.

Digital Marketing with Michael Yared, Chempetitive Group

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Michael Yared, Director of Digital Strategy, Chempetitive, Bio and Contact Info

(Listen to Each Chapter or Move the Marker for Video)

Listen (3:52) What Is Digital Marketing? (Begins at 0:59)

Listen (6:56) Using LinkedIn More (Begins at 4:53)

Listen (6:31) Search Marketing and How to "Google-Proof" Your Business (Begins at 11:48)

Listen (3:32) Three Important Things to Remember with Digital Strategy (Begins at 18:20)

Listen (1:11) Were You Always the Geek? (Begins at 21:52)

Today we're in San Diego at the offices of Chempetitive Group, a marketing agency devoted to the life science industry. We're joined by Michael Yared, Director of Digital Strategy to talk about digital marketing. Michael relates the trends he sees and offers suggestions such as using a dashboard to keep track of ad statistics and how to "Google-proof" your business. In the end he offers three important things to keep in mind for your digital strategy.

The Scientist's Buying Journey with Hamid Ghanadan, The Linus Group

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Hamid Ghanadan, President, The Linus Group Bio and Contact Info

Listen (2:01) Genesis of the Linus Group

Listen (1:39) Dissonance between marketers and scientists?

Listen (9:41) How to market to scientists

Listen (4:23) What is content-centric marketing?

Listen (3:54) Demand generation

Listen (5:34) Company blogs- Are we all turning into journalists?

Listen (3:41) Dealing with 2012 marketing budget cuts

Listen (3:57) Pointers for using social media

Listen (2:24) New book out soon

Listen (4:03) Stereotypes of scientists

Today’s show is a must listen for anyone engaged in marketing in the life sciences. Hamid Ghanadan is President of The Linus Group, a marketing agency devoted to the life science industry. With a background in biochemistry, Hamid has created a unique company that specializes in understanding scientists and their buying behaviors. Hamid is also the editor and primary author of the Linus Report, the only publication offering critical briefings on science marketing issues.


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