February 2020 Review with Nathan and Laura: Coronavirus, Medicare for All, and Live from AGBT

What do we actually know about the novel coronavirus, we ask our two monthly commentators at the outset of February’s review show. Then, speaking of pandemics, as Bernie fever sweeps America, we explore the charge that Medicare for All means an end to innovation.

Laura gives an update on the status of the genetic counseling bill, and Nathan comes to us live from AGBT with highlights from Marco Island.

Genomics-Palooza, Diagnostics Fraud, and Biblical Prophets on the Future of Biotech

What a week for Americans . . . What a week for genomics!

The Supreme Court rulings that Americans can keep their Obamacare and can all get married - no matter what state they live in - added the final good news to a week of genomics festivities around the country.

But it's not all positive news this week. The New York Times featured a diagnostics company under review by Medicare for fraud. Allegedly, the New Orleans based Renaissance Rx has been paying doctors to sign up patients for a huge trial of genomic based tests, even when the patients didn't qualify.

And, at the suggestion of NYU's Art Caplan, we went out in search of some modern day biblical prophets to see what will be the future of life science.

We'll be off next week, so we'll say it now, happy birthday, America!