Women in Bio with Debra Bowes

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Debra Bowes, President Emeritus, Women in Bio Bio and Contact Info

Listen (4:26) Mission of Women in Bio

Listen (5:50) Membership sharply up in 2011

Listen (5:49) Support for new chapters

Listen (2:51) Going international

Listen (3:23) Percentage of women scientists,entrepreneurs

Listen (5:53) Being a mom

Listen (6:56) Female behaviors that undermine a career

Listen (6:12) The story of Martine Rothblatt

Listen (2:40) Beyond gender

Listen (4:47) Leading WIB

Listen (3:49) Chevy Chase BioPartners

This week the international organization Women in Bio puts on their annual dinner and a new chapter of the organization holds their kick off event in San Francisco. We spoke with Debra Bowes, President Emeritus of Women in Bio about their mission to support women in life science careers. Ms. Bowes’ own career in bio extends back 30 years and includes stints at MedImmune, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Senecor-J & J, and Pfizer. In 2006 Debra started Chevy Chase BioPartners, a consulting firm specializing in planning and licensing for life-science start ups. We’re delighted to have her to mendelspod to talk about women in bio.