The History of mRNA Vaccines with Elie Dolgin

"Scientists have been putting RNA into cells through a lipid delivery system for 44 years,” says Elie Dolgin. “And that’s ultimately the vaccine that has gone into millions of arms.”

Elie is the author of a recent piece in Nature magazine, The Tangled History of mRNA Vaccines.  He joins us to talk about his quest to uncover the winding journey that led to the cure that is moving the world forward.

“The path to mRNA vaccines drew on the work of hundreds of researchers,” he writes in the piece. One of those scientists, and the first to take notes and write down some early IP, was Robert Malone, a grad student at the Sulk Institute. Elie comes back to him again and again in the piece and shows a fascination for him in the interview.

The story moves on to modified RNA and the two star companies, Moderna and BioNTech. Elie moves beyond his article at the end of the show with some suppositions about the future of mRNA technology. Will a new mRNA flu vaccine come next?