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Sharing Plasmids and Insights: Joanne Kamens, Addgene

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Joanne Kamens, Executive Director, Addgene Bio and Contact Info

Listen (5:53) Addgene- a central repository for plasmids

Listen (3:05) Why don't academics want to share plasmids with industry?

Listen (2:10) Advantages of using Addgene over DNA 2.0

Listen (5:46) Women in science

Listen (11:43) Improving work-life balance

Joanne Kamens earned her Ph D in genetics at Harvard and spent 15 years in the pharma industry. She founded the Massachussets chapter of the Association for Women in Science. And she was recently made Executive Director at Addgene, a non-profit with a central repository for sharing plasmids. Joanne discusses the problems that have existed with sharing plasmids--storage, material transfer agreements, etc.--and how Addgene overcomes them. She then talks about issues of gender equity in science and we finish the discussion talking about some of the 10 Commandments of Joanne's "Work/Life Balance" workshop.

An eBay for Science with Elizabeth Iorns

Podcast Sponsor: Assay Depot- The world's largest cloud-based Research Exchange for pharmaceutical research services. Assay Depot is currently sponsoring the Open Science Challenge. Submit your research plan to, for a chance to win from the $10,000 prize pool. Guest: Elizabeth Iorns, CEO, Science Exchange Bio and Contact Info Listen (4:21) What is Science Exchange? Listen (3:06) Who are the providers? Listen (1:33) Advantages of being vendorized Listen (3:02) Will this send jobs overseas? Listen (11:06) Participation in Y Combinator Listen (3:55) Is this the future? Listen (1:38) New site trends Outsourcing is more and more the trend in bio these days. In an effort to reduce the huge cost of drug development, big pharma is teaming up with universities and small biotech. One hears of new virtual companies set up relying completely on a network of partners, much like NuMedii, a company we recently profiled. Yet there are challenges that come with outsourcing. Elizabeth Iorns and her colleagues have started to address just those challenges. The site is being referred to as an eBay for science. A former researcher herself at the University of Miami, Elizabeth joins us today to tell us about this new marketplace and how it solves outsourcing challenges.