Ingenuity Nabs Genome Scientist, Nathan Pearson

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Nathan Pearson, PhD, Principle Genome Scientist, Ingenuity Systems Bio and Contact Info

Chapters: (Advance the marker)

0:42 What does it mean that you left Knome for Ingenuity?

7:02 How important is it that we have common ontologies?

13:00 What is your first goal at Ingenuity?

15:24 What will it take to get the ultimate end user buying?

18:54 Is sequencing good enough?

20:48 Where will Ingenuity make most headway going forward?

26:50 Thoughts on ENCODE and junk/not junk?

31:35 BONUS A student of Jonathan Eisen

Long time player in bioinformatics and database cultivation, Ingenuity Systems recently announced a new Principal Genome Scientist, Nathan Pearson. Nathan is known for joining Ozzy Osbourne and his wife on stage for a TED talk after interpreting the rock star's genome at Knome. What does this move mean for Ingenuity and for Knome? As I wrote in a recent blog, Pearson feels he'll make more headway moving to a platform further upstream. "For me," he says in the interview, "it's a chance to put my shoulder behind a platform that has a really high ceiling for bringing genomes into everyone's life in a more substantive way". Though new on the job, Pearson is comfortable explaining his first goal at Ingenuity, and tackling the big question of what will it take to get the end user, i.e., patients in the clinic, buying genomic medicine. At the end we catch Nathan talking about the person who influenced him to be a scientist, evolutionary biologist, Jonathan Eisen.