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Satellite Bio out with a New Tissue Based Approach to Regenerative Medicine

Satellite Bio is named descriptively for the way its platform works. Out of stealth in the past few months with what you might call a middle ground approach to generative medicine between stem cell therapy and organ transplant, the company takes its name from the tissue therapy constructs they surgically implant in patients.

“We build these constructs which are implantable tissue therapeutics. They look like thin squishy jellyfish. They are loaded up with cells, and we then introduce these to patients with minimally invasive surgery. They can then perform their functions and graph into the patient and vascularize and develop a new blood supply of their own. We can place these virtually any place in the body. They function from a satellite location to the host organ.”

That’s Dave Lennon, CEO of Satellite Bio joining us on the program today to tell us about this fascinating new technology. Is this stem cell therapy 2.0? How much space do these constructs take up in the body in their satellite location? How far is the company to date? Have they begun trials? What are the challenges they face, and who will be the first patients to benefit?