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Genomics and the Cloud Going Through “a Second Puberty,” says AWS’ Angel Pizarro

Angel Pizarro has watched as genomics and cloud computing have grown up together. Formerly a bioinformatics director at University of Pennsylvania, Angel is now the Technical Business Development Manager at Amazon Web Services.

At U Penn, Angel was part of the shift from setting up one’s own facility with expensive computer equipment for handling the rapid growth of omics data to using a third party service, such as AWS. He says that genomics and the cloud are both going through a "second puberty.” In today's show, Angel explains growing pains involved.

As storage and compute become a non-issue for bioinformaticians, Angel says that the science itself is changing. Questions can be answered more quickly with enormous parallel experimentation. And there are new algorithms being written, optimized for this “bottomless bucket” of compute and storage.

What are the issues for clients doing their "capacity planning," and what are some of the new interesting questions that Angel is hearing from AWS customers? Join us as we probe the future of the twin fields of genomics and cloud computing.