Pharma in China Being Held to Higher Standard, Says Greg Scott, ChinaBio


Greg Scott, Founder, ChinaBio

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Listen (5:03) Growth continuum in China unchanged

Listen (4:29) Why has China gone from 1st to 9th for outsourcing?

Listen (6:04) Perstective on GSK scandal

Listen (2:38) If you're not in China, you're missing out on soon to be second largest pharma market

Listen (3:57) Are you seeing innovation in China?

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Greg Scott is Mr. Bio in China. He's the CEO of ChinaBio, a sort of Burrill and Company located in Shanghai.

We caught up with Greg to see what's been happening in China this last year and to get his perspective on the recent GSK scandal. According to Greg, China is still the high growth story that it's been over the past few years. His message to others: If you're not in China you're missing out on what will soon be (next year?) the second largest pharma market in the world.

And what about the GSK scandal? Is it threatening pharma in China? Greg says the importance of the scandal cannot be underestimated. He argues that pharma's enterprises in China are being held to a higher standard, even than in the U.S. or Europe for various reasons. Greg is open about the issues and bullish on opportunity for bio in China.

Life Science PR in the Age of Social Media with Erik Clausen, Chempetitive


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Erik Clausen has been in PR for twenty years. He's now a managing partner for Chempetitive Group, a life science PR and marketing firm. What has changed for PR professionals in today's world of Twitter, Facebook, and company blogs? What makes a company's blog successful? Are the rules of PR changing? Erik give his tips in our second show on the topic of life science PR.

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Is PR Pharma's Biggest Challenge? with John LaMattina

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John LaMattina, PhD, Former Head of Research, Pfizer

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Listen (5:48) When did public perception change for the worse?

Listen (2:27) Astronauts are heroes, why not drug chemists?

Listen (5:06) What can the industry do about poor image?

Listen (10:51) Open data a win-win

Listen (8:21) Raising the bar means more failures

If astronauts can be heroes, asks John LaMattina, former head of R & D at Pfizer, why not drug chemists? It's a great question.

In the last ten years, big pharma companies have gone from being some of the most respected public companies in the U.S. to some of the public's least favorite. What happened? Since retiring from Pfizer in 2007, John has been focused on this question and what can be done to improve the image of the drug industry. He has authored two books, first, Drug Truths: Dispelling the Myths of R & D, and his more recent Devalued and Detrusted: Can the Pharmaceutical Industry Restore Its Broken Image?

When industry veterans retire, it can be good for the industry. They are free to talk about its problems. John says the industry must become more open and transparent. And he's eager to tell the stories of the industry's heroes.