PregSource: The NIH’s Crowdsourcing Project for Pregnancy Data with Caroline Signore

There are hundreds of pregnancy apps available. So what is unique about the NIH’s new crowdsourcing project called PregSource?

“We think PregSource is different because we offer the security and reliability of having been developed at the NIH with the participation of well regarded organizations. We’ve developed the content with expert input at every stage. Their are no ads at PregSource. And, of course, we will never, ever share or sell the data with a commercial organization.”

That's Caroline Signore, Principal Investigator at PregSource who says the project began in November of 2017 out of the need for data on typical pregnancies. There was a lot of research and attention, she says at the outset of today’s show, on pregnancy problems, but there has been a big lack of understanding on normal pregnancy with women in the current age. 

PregSource is for any pregnant woman at any stage, and commitment can be at various levels. How does the site incentivize women to share their data and stay committed?

Importantly, data from the site will be available for researchers. What goals does Caroline have for the site in this direction? How will she define success for PregSource?