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Biden, AI, and DeSci: John Cumbers Previews SynBioBeta 2023


SynBioBeta is the largest gathering of the synthetic biology community worldwide.  It’s taking place May 23-25 in Oakland, California.  John Cumbers is the founder and CEO of the conference, and he joins us to talk about trends in the space and preview this year’s confab.

First, we discuss the impact Washington D.C. is having on the field.  What doe’s Biden’s love for bio mean for synbio? 

At the foundation of the industry, DNA synthesis continues to see dynamic innovation.  Cheaper, and faster, and longer DNA unlocks new potential for synthetic biology companies.

But wait a minute.  John says it is still science that is challenging the field:  “biological dark energy.”  The solution, he says, is DeSci, or decentralized science, biology on the blockchain. 

From climate tech, to generative AI, to DeSci, you can catch it all at SynBioBeta this month in Oakland.