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Digital PCR 'Hits Its Stride'

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George Karlin-Neumann, PhD, Director of Scientific Affairs" for Bio-Rad's Digital Biology Center Bio and Contact Info

Listen (5:00) Understanding Digital PCR

Listen (4:41) Advantages

Listen (1:40) Applications

Listen (3:40) Still room for Real Time PCR

Listen (3:14) First ever dPCR conference

Hanlee Ji, MD, Medical Oncologist, Hematologist / Oncologist in Stanford Bio and Contact Info

Listen (5:09) How is an oncologist using dPCR?

Listen (4:56) A physicians take on personalized medicine

Listen (5:32) Digital technologies already adopted in clinic and dramatically changing war on cancer

In May of this year Nature Methods published an article, “Digital PCR hits its stride.” What is this new technology? Will it replace more conventional methods such as Real Time PCR? And what new opportunities does this new disruptive technology open up?

To answer these questions, we’re joined by George Karlin-Neumann, Director of Scientific Affairs at Bio-Rad’s Digital Center and Hanlee Ji, a physician scientist at Stanford. George explains the exciting new technology and its advantages over Real Time PCR. Hanlee talks about the adoption of the technology in the clinic for the treatment of cancer.