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In Autoimmune Disease, Finding Clarity Beyond the Genome: Stefan Muellner, Protagen

Today we bring you a story which fits nicely in the vein of personalized medicine. But this time with a twist.

We talk with the CEO of Protagen, a company that has developed a platform to find new biomarkers for disease, particularly autoimmune diseases such as SLE, or Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. But the platform is based on the hunt for genetic mutations. Rather the company is using antibodies, or proteins to better define disease and disease populations. The company is able to stratify auto-immune diseases better than we’ve done with genomics.

Protagen is in Dortmund, Germany and has recently announced a partnership with the German diagnostics powerhouse, Qiagen. Stefan Muellner is the CEO of Protagen. In today’s program he explains how his company’s unique protein library and platform will drastically improve treatment for autoimmune disease.