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CALBIO 2012 with Gail Maderis, BayBio

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Gail Maderis, CEO, BayBio Bio and Contact Info

Listen (6:59) State of Bio in California Report

Listen (2:08) Current business climate in California

Listen (6:51) Help with regulation barriers

Listen (7:27) Preview of CALBIO 2012

Listen (1:25) How will election year politics affect bio industry?

Listen (6:39) What else is BayBio doing for their members?

According to a recent report authored by California Healthcare Institute, BayBio, and PWC, California’s biomedical industry employs nearly 270,000 people, generated a revenue of more than $115 billion per year, wins on average $3.2 billion in NIH grants per year and collects over half of US venture capital investment. Joining us today is Gail Maderis, President & CEO of BayBio, the industry organization serving Northern California’s life science community and co-author of the report This year BayBio and BioCom, the industry group from San Diego are teaming up for their yearly conference, called CALBIO, to be held in San Francisco, March 8-9.