September 2020 Review with Nathan and Laura: Vaccine Choice, Dwarfism, Research Volunteerism

We take a deep dive into a core genomics question that is somewhat philosophical today: “what is a disease, or disability?” This month we heard about a new experimental drug for dwarfism called vosoritide that raised questions for parents of dwarfism. If the drug could make their children taller, would they give it to them? Laura asks “can we put forth a medication for a condition saying those who take it are better off getting rid of it and not be saying those who are not getting it are unacceptable to have these different lives?"

We also talk vaccines. Forget the anti-vaxxers. For those of us who plan on taking the vaccines, the question emerging seems to be, “which one?” There are so many manufacturers--and regulatory agencies. There will many be options. Will the early options be the best choice, or the later products? How has politics affected the results? Nathan wonders if there might be an app to help us choose.

There’s a lightning round at the end, and . . . at the outset, Nathan and Laura refuse to let a few comments of the president fall by the wayside.  They want their scientific rebuttal on record.

Catch all that here now in our September Genomics Review with Nathan Pearson of Root and Laura Hercher, Host of the Beagle Has Landed Podcast.

Note: Link to Cara Reedy's piece My Life as a Little Person