valley of death

Looking Ahead to 2012 with Matthew Herper, Forbes

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Matthew Herper, Science and Medicine Reporter, Forbes and Bio and Contact Info

Listen (4:17) More super expensive drugs

Listen (5:48) New genetic technologies to face the valley of death

Listen (1:15) Health IT will stall

Listen (4:15) Winning companies of 2011

Listen (3:09) Are we seeing innovation in big pharma model?

Listen (1:38) VC funding

Listen (6:56) Cancer's moment of promise and chaos

Listen (6:00) I like telling stories about science

Listen (4:38) Bill Gates changes the world again

Listen (6:09) Will 2012 political environment be good for life science?

Noted life science reporter, Matthew Herper, from Forbes looks into his crystal ball. Join us as we discuss important trends going into 2012 with a look back at those companies who did well in 2011. In November, Herper wrote a cover article for Forbes, "With Vaccines, Bill Gates Changes the World Again." Herper shares thoughts on his two interviews with Gates, commenting on the potential for the vaccine industry. Herper has an impressive perspective on the commercial side of the industry; what's having practical financial success, and what isn't.

NOTE: Matt spends some time here talking about Dendreon and the disappointing sales of their cancer drug Provenge. Shortly after our interview, Dendreon announced 4th quarter sales which beat analysts' expectations and boosted their stock immediately by 40%.