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Web 2.0 Comes to Lab Management: Adam Regelmann of Quartzy

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Adam Regelmann, MD, PhD, Co-Founder, Quartzy Bio and Contact Info

Listen (4:18) Freeing scientists to do science

Listen (5:58) Web 2.0 for inventory

Listen (3:53) What is the business model?

Listen (5:29) Experience at Y Combinator

Listen (1:53) From MD to entrepreneurship

Don't like how inefficient your lab is? Go out and start a new website. That's what Adam Regelmann did. With Quartzy, Adam and his co-founder, Jayant Kulkarni, have brought web 2.0 to lab inventory and order management. No more stickies. Need some supplies? Log on first to Quartzy, go to your colleagues' profiles, and check to see if those supplies could be just down the hall. Scoring a $1.2 million round of seed money last December, Adam says the site has over 8,000 scientist members. He talks with us about the circumstances which led to the site and also his experience as the first biology related company to participate in the popular Y Combinator incubator.